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Cottonseed Meal with 28% and 38% of protein

Our cotton seed meal is obtained in the process of cottonseed oil extraction. It is a high quality product used as a nutritional ingredient for ruminants, marketed in two options: with 28% or 38%.
Security Levels                Cottonseed meal% 28 (g/Kg)                 Cottonseed meal 38% (g/Kg)
Umidity 120,00 Max. 11,50
Ether extract 10,00 Min. 10,00
Crude protein 280,00 Min. 380,00
Crude fiber 220,00 Max. 180,00
Mineral matter 70,00 Max. 70,00
Aflatoxins 50,00 ppb Max. 50 ppb
Gossypol 12,00 Max. 5,00


Store in a cool place, away from the wall and protected from direct sunlight. Free of pests and insects. Do not store together with toxic products, other contaminants or different food products. 

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