Our Products

Our Products

Our Products
Cotton cake: raw material for animal feed, without chemical additives, produced from cottonseed crushing. Our cake, besides having great palatability, is rich in protein, digestible fiber and energy. It is analyzed daily in our laboratory to ensure the quality that your flock deserves.

Semi-Refined Cotton Oil: Our oil, neutralized and clarified with low levels of soap without impurity or moisture, is a product that caters excellently the most stringent customers.

Sludge: by-product of the oil`s refining process, our sludge has 35% of AGT (total fatty acid). It is raw material for the manufacture of fatty acids, soaps and boiler fuels.

Linter: short fiber remaining in the core after the cotton ginning, the linter is produced by a mechanical process called "delinting". We sell our Linter in 200kg bales approximately with measures of 0,532m x 0,95m x 1,04m.

Meal with 28% or 38% of protein: Our cotton meal with 28% or 38% protein have high nutritional quality, which is excellent for beef and milk cattle. As an example, cottonseed meal can replace soybean meal advantageously, because when balancing amino acids is considered in a feedlot diet or dairy cattle, cottonseed meal has fewer special amino acids, such as methionine and lysine ,than soybean meal.

Hull: product rich in crude fiber widely used as forage material for cattle.
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